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## News 15

"Technical Seminar” on 10th December 2016 at India International Center, Delhi
Seminar ##14   |   Event Date: 10 December 2016   |   View Details »
## News 14

"Technical Seminar" on 20th August 2016 at India International Center, Delhi
Seminar ##13   |   Event Date: 20 August 2016   |   View Details »
## News 13

Symposium on Sustainable Technology Development in Polymer at BITS Pilani
Seminar ##12   |   Event Date: 11 - 12 March 2016   |   View Details »
## News 12

Industry Institute Interaction Programme
Seminar ##11   |   Event Date: 5 - 6 March 2016   |   View Details »
## News 11

5th GAIL Plastasia 2016
Seminar ##10   |   Event Date: 4 - 5 March 2016   |   View Details »
## News 10

RubberCon 2015
Seminar ##9   |   Event Date: 1 - 3 March 2016   |   View Details »
## News 9

Emerging Dimensions and Challenges for Polymer & Chemical Engineers
Seminar ##8   |   Event Date: 21st February 2016   |   View Details »
## News 8

A Technical Seminar at Seminar Hall No. 03 of India International Center, Delhi.
Seminar ##7   |   Event Date: 13th February 2016   |   View Details »
## News 7

Seminar for Felicitating Dr. S. N. Chakravarty
Seminar ##6   |   Event Date: 12th September 2015   |   View Details »
## News 6

Seminar on Resins Application & Advantage
Seminar ##5   |   Event Date: 25th July 2015   |   View Details »
## News 5

Seminar on Rolling Resistance of Tyre
Seminar ##4   |   Event Date: 29th November 2014   |   View Details »
## News 4

Seminar on Industrial Rubber Roller - Technology & Material
Seminar ##3   |   Event Date: 05th March 2014   |   View Details »

Elastomer Technology Development Society ( ETDS ) organized another highly successful Seminar on 5th March 2014 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi which was attended by about 100 delegates coming from different areas, both from rubber industry & suppliers as well as academic institutions. Talks on following subjects were delivered by the Expert of the field as well as young speakers. Seminar was presided by Dr. S. N. Chakravarty, President, ETDS.

Keeping up with the mission of Elastomer Technology Development Society promotion of Technology and young Entrepreneur / Technologists, young speakers were chosen for the talks.

Key Note Address on Specialty Polymers for Industrial Applications, by

Mr. D. J. Bharucha, Director, BHIMRAJKA EXIM LLP.

Industrial Rubber Roll by - Mr. Amit Gupta, Director, Modinagar Rolls Ltd.

TPE Family & Selection by - Mr. A.Chakravarty, Jt. MD. KPS Consultants & Impex Pvt. Ltd.

These talks are being uploaded in the Website (www.elastomer.in) as done in the past cases also. You are invited to visit our Website.

Mr. D.J. Bharucha was honoured with Life Time Achievement Award at the Seminar.

## News 3

Activities during last quarter

13th September, 2013 Seminar at Kolkata

A joint Seminar with ETDS was organized by AIRIA – Eastern Region at Kolkata on 13.09.2013 (Friday) at the Hotel Big Boss in the evening followed by Dinner. About 60 delegates from the industry attended the Seminar paying the registration fee. Following talks were delivered by Dr. S. N. Chakravarty, President. A long question hour took place after the lectures.

“Causes of Failure of Rubber Products” and “Recycling and Green Projects in Polymer field”

The entire presentation generated huge interest in the audient members. The clarifications sought for by them were satisfactorily answered by Dr. Chakravarty

Mr. Ramesh Kejriwal, then Vice-Chairman of AIRIA (ER) profusely thanked S.N. Chakravarty and all others present. He was pleased to release the second book " Rubber Technology and Rubber Products Manufacturing authored by Dr. Chakravarty.

Delegates were appraised about ETDS activities & Aim and there were response from some to become member of ETDS. Mr. Abhik Chatterjee will follow up with prospective people. AIRIA –Eastern Region was presented a copy of “Introduction to Tyre Technology” by the President for their Library.

Activity at IIT, Kharagpur, 14th September, 2013.

Next day i.e 14th September , on invitation of Prof. G.B.Nando , Head , Rubber Technology Center , IIT , Kharagpur , President attended the Research Scholar Day programme at the Center as Guest of Honour & Judge for the appraisal of the Ph D students Oral as well as Poster presentation.

Seminar at Ralson India Ltd. Ludhiana on Causes of Failure of Rubber Products on 9TH October 2013 at their Conference hall which was attended by technucal and production people. On the occasion Mr.Sanjeev Pahwa released the book" Rubber Technology and Rubber Products Manufacturing “ authored by Dr. Chakravarty

Release of Rubber Technology book by Shri Sanjeev Pahwa, MD, Ralson India authored by Dr. Chakravarty.

Selected senior technical persons of Ralson India.
Lecture Program in China

ETDS is pleased to inform all members & well wishers that on invitation of Triangle Tire Co. Ltd. President Dr. S.N. Chakravarty, delivered talk on “Sustainable Technology Development in Elastomer Production & Application – An Indian Perspective” at their main center at Weihai, Shandong, China on 2nd December 2013 which was attended by the Chairman of the Company & large number of technical, marketing, purchase & HRD people of the company. Talk was followed by prolonged question hour & discussion session. The visit was fully paid by Triangle Tire Co. and no cost to ETDS.

This was the first foray of ETDS outside India.

With Chairman of Triangle Tire Co. Ltd

President delivering lecture
Seminar at Chennai

A Seminar jointly with AIRIA, Southern Region was held on 14th December 2013 at Quality Inn, Sabari, T. Nagar in evening. Following lectures were delivered on the occasion.
  1. “Causes of Failure of Rubber Products” – delivered by Dr. S. N. Chakravarty.
  2. “Recycling and Green Projects in Polymer field” - delivered by Mr. Anomitra Chakravarty.
A large number of participants from different sectors of industry were present. Mr. K. Srikanth, Chairman, AIRIA, Southern Region welcome the Speakers and the delegates to the Seminar. Lectures were followed by lively discussion.

Mr. K. Srikanth, Chairman, AIRIA – SR addressing the gathering

Dr. S. N. Chakravarty delivering the talk

Mr. A. Chakravarty delivering the talk

Section of the delegates
## News 2

Seminar on Elastomer, Cord Fabric, Recycling & New Project Ideas
Seminar ##2   |   Event Date: 03rd August 2013   |   View Details »
## News 1

Seminar on Innovative Technology in Elastomer/Polymer
Seminar ##1   |   Event Date: 24th November 2012   |   View Details »